Price: $125 Classroom or Group Pricing
Continuing Education Credits: 4

The Positive Airway Pressure Basics consists of three important areas of positive airway pressure (PAP) initiation and management in the sleep laboratory. The first module consists of discussions on PAP interfaces. Included in these discussions are the various choices in interfaces for patients, interface application issues, and finally, possible problems and solutions to interface adherence.

The second module covers PAP titration technique in a clinical setting. Even though PAP titration techniques are many times lab specific, there are common elements to every titration. Those include definition of respiratory events, identifying those events and adjusting PAP pressure to reach optimum PAP pressures for the patient.

This presentation uses unique interaction of identifying abnormal respiratory events and step by step changes to achieve optimal therapy for the patient.

The last module reviews information regarding CPAP adherence, how information is collected, and possible adherence problems and solutions to dealing with these problems. Includes NEW AASM Recommendations.

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